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Paying for school lunches and reducing (or eliminating) the stigma that is often associated with children who need help paying for school meals, is a significant issue in the U.S. This is an unacceptable and growing problem in the US, the world’s richest economy. For the benefit of the children who are in this situation due to no fault of their own, we are committed to raising awareness of this issue and working to meet this critical need. Please help us in our mission to secure food for ALL children in schools.

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You can help children in need

The kids are NOT at fault. They didn’t ask to be born into this situation. They cannot afford to work and change the situation. We can help.

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At Milk Money, we seek to eliminate school lunch debt for students across the country. Borne out of personal experience, we believe that all young people should have access to nutritious meals during the school day, irrespective of their — or their family’s — ability to pay.  Our model is simple: we partner with school districts and community organizations to identify the aggregate lunch debt, and we pay it.  We also work with school districts to devise alternative strategies for cash-strapped districts to address lunch debt in creative and sustainable ways.  

Tom Carter

Tom Carter


Alen Amini

Alen Amini

Executive Director

Mary Simpkins

Mary Simpkins

Marketing Executive

Kibong Lee

Kibong Lee

Financial Leader

Tom believes in building businesses that culturally place employee and client needs first and by doing so, naturally leads to organizational performance and profit. He is a proven executive in the corporate education and training market with a reputation for delivering significant revenue and EBITDA growth through the development and execution of business strategies that increase shareholder value. His approach to building great cultures focuses on tight strategic alignment coupled with impeccable strategic execution.

Tom’s approach consistently delivers client success and growth that translates into strong brand equity and long-term financial success. An entrepreneur recognized for his expertise in leading difficult turnarounds and opening new markets, he has led several businesses, often under extraordinarily challenging market circumstances, to new success.

Alen is a management consultant at the Bridgespan Group and serves as the executive director of Milk Money. Raised in Ohio, he was formerly a vice principal and high school math teacher in Southeast Arkansas and served as a Fulbright fellow in rural Tajikistan. A recent graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School and the Dartmouth College Tuck School of Business, he is a City Year Columbus alumnus. 

Mary is a catalyst for business growth with a track record of success translating customer needs into strategies that blend analysis, branding and marketing into cohesive plans that increase sales and profitability. With more than two decades leading global marketing and sales in the corporate training space she combines a deep knowledge of marketing tech with exceptional, worldwide training market and buyer insights to build processes and tools that deliver a consistent stream of leads and revenue.

A strong executive leader, Mary is an exceptional bridge builder who believes that revenue success is predicated on creating effective partnerships internally and externally.  Additionally, Mary has led the open enrollment training offerings for a large multi-national training company and was a founding board member of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA). She is a graduate of Averett University in Virginia and has earned her Master’s Certificate in Project Management from The George Washington University, DC.

Kibong is a creative, detail-oriented, and tech-savvy finance and accounting professional with advanced education and more than 14 years of progressive full-cycle corporate accounting experience in government contracts, for-profit professional service & hospitality and non-profit service industry. Proven to be highly consistent, reliable, and resourceful financial and accounting management team member with efficient and insightful data management, data research and analytical skills with advance accounting database knowledge and creative problem-solving skills. Highly skilled at improving accounting operation and analyzing and communicating complex transactions into technical accounting details utilizing advanced knowledge and research skills of GAAP. Motivational & inspirational team player with great interpersonal & social skills and sense of humor catering mutual respects and nurturing a team success. 


75% of US school districts report student meal debt

Source: (CNN May 2019)